No beef has been exported from Namibia to the United States of America (USA) for the past three years.

This is according to the latest statistics by the Livestock and Livestock Products Board of Namibia (LLPB), formerly known as the Meat Board.

It said an estimated 16.9 million kilograms of beef products was exported by Namibian export-approved abattoirs during 2023, of which 9.05 million kilograms was exported to the European Union.

Top beef export destinations for 2023 included South Africa (3.1 million kilograms), the United Kingdom (1.9 million kilograms) and China (1.2 million kilograms), while African countries took up the least volumes.

The LLPB said beef production north of the veterinary cordon fence (VCF) remained limited, with only 4 005 cattle slaughtered by the Katima Mulilo and Rundu abattoirs.

Cattle sector

A total of 294 938 cattle were marketed across all marketing channels last year.

Of this total, 151 808 were exported live on hoof to neighbouring SADC countries, 104 549 were slaughtered at local A-class abattoirs and 38 581 were slaughtered at various B- and C-class abattoirs nationwide.

“This brings the growth of the cattle sector up by 17.6% from 250 751 heads marketed during 2022.”

It said comparing activities of the three marketing channels, it is evident that the B- and C-class segment recorded the highest growth of 88.3%, followed by the A-class abattoirs that grew by 45.2% and, lastly, live exports grew by 8.7%.

The number of animals slaughtered by export-approved abattoirs increased from 70 568 cattle in 2022 to 105 549 in 2023.

“The growth at all export-approved abattoirs supported improvements in producer prices with the beef all grade average south of the VCF hitting N$60.31 per kilogram and north of the VCF averaging N$36.34/kg.”

The LLPB said the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in South Africa severely affected prices within that market.

“As a result, the Red Meat Abattoir Association came in N$12.72/kg lower than its Namibian counterpart during 2023.”

[Source – Republikein]

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