There are several documents and payments required by livestock owners when applying for a stock brand.

Stock brands serve as an identification system for cattle and are kept up to date on a national register.

The brand identifies the owner of the animal and its primary purpose is the control and management of animal diseases. It is also an important tool to address the problem of stock theft.

According to the Meat Board of Namibia, with regards to new applications, livestock producers need to complete a producer registration application and obtain a producer registration number from its marketing department.

For commercial areas, resettlement farms and townlands, a certified copy of your ID is needed.

Livestock producers are instructed to complete the BR1 application form, signed it and attach proof of payment.

Communal areas

The same counts for communal areas; however, the producer also needs a letter from the traditional authority confirming residence and farming.

In the case of application for a duplicate of a stock brand card or certificate, a certified copy of your ID is also required as well as a completed and signed duplicate application form with proof of payment.

The Meat Board further said when applying to transfer a stock brand card or certificate, the applicant should also provide a certified copy of their ID, complete the BR5 application form – which should be signed by the applicant and the owner of the brand – and submit a police declaration from the brand owner giving consent for the transfer of the stock brand to the new owner.

The original stock brand or original Farm Assured Namibian Meat certificate and proof of payment should also be included.

In case the brand owner is deceased, a certified copy of a death certificate is needed.

Should the original stock brand or certificate be lost, a police declaration for the absent documents is required, the board said.

In all the above-mentioned cases, no uncertified copies, faxes or scanned documents will be accepted.

For more information on the cost of new applications, duplicate certificates or transfer of brands, contact the stock brand office at 061 275 842, 061 275 861 or

[Source – republikein]

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