The agriculture ministry has declared the widely sold and advertised Boam insecticide illegal, warning the public that selling the product is unauthorised as it is not registered in Namibia.

Executive director Ndiyakupi Nghituwamata said the ministry has noted that the product, also known as Dichlorvos, is being sold online, by retailers and vendors countrywide.

It is advertised as the best at killing cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, ants, snails, weevils, red-haired caterpillars, budworms and boil worms.

“The ministry received reports that this product, which is hazardous, is being used for domestic purposes.”

Nghituwamata said apart from the fact that it poses dangers to humans, Boam insecticide is not registered for use in the country as per the Fertilisers, Farm Seeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act.

“This means that anyone – retailer or vendor – found selling or in possession of this insecticide may face legal consequences as stipulated under the Act.”

The ministry cautioned the public to refrain from purchasing, using and storing the insecticide.

It further urged the public to report or surrender the product to the nearest agricultural offices.

{Source – Republikein]

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